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It's all about the facial muscles.

Why muscles matter

There are about 43 muscles in the face and 26 in the neck. 


The hardest working and most interesting of these, is the tongue. With it, we talk, taste, chew, breathe and swallow. It’s made up of eight separate muscles and has an extraordinary range of movement and strength. Plus it never gets tired. 


But getting the tongue into shape is just the start. 


Orofacial myology therapy opens patients up to the wonders (and benefits) of breathing through the nose, correct resting tongue posture, closing your lips and swallowing correctly to both prevent and help you recover from a range of orofacial myofunctional disorders. 


When our facial muscles work together, the simple things in life like breathing, eating and sleeping are better. 


Welcome to our new website as we take you on a journey of why our facial muscles matter. 



About My Myo Matters

My Myo Matters is a Southern Highlands based practice that specialises in orofacial myology therapy (OMT) for a range of orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMD) that result from habits, behaviours and medical conditions that affect the muscles in the face and mouth. 


I provide a personalised program of exercises to train, strengthen or correct muscles in the face, neck and mouth to achieve optimal nasal breathing, lip seal, tongue posture and swallow pattern. 


My Myo Matters treats children, teens and adults for a range of OMDs.

“An orofacial myologist not only treats symptoms, we treat the cause.”

– Alicia 

Treating OMDs

Orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMD) can have a significant impact on our health and quality of life. OMD’s can affect how we look and feel, and if left untreated, may cause long term health and dental complications, including impacting the growth and development of a child’s face, speech and teeth. In adults, OMD’s can result in jaw pain, mouth breathing orthodontic failure and more. 


Orofacial myology therapy can help train, correct, strengthen and improve the coordination of facial muscles.

Why visit us?

It’s all about the facial muscles.

Orofacial myology therapy (OMT) is an individualised program designed to correct or strengthen facial muscles to assist with orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMD) that impact dental, breathing, sleep, talking, eating or the growth and development of the face in children.  

OMT therapists can help you develop better facial muscle function to prevent and correct a range of OMDs which can originate through bad habits, dental issues, poor tongue posture or mouth breathing. OMT can also help in the preparation and rehabilitation of tongue tie or lip tie surgery.

OMT is a multidisciplinary approach that works in partnership with your dentist, orthodontist, speech therapist, GP or other specialists. An OMT therapist will make a comprehensive assessment and give you a series of non-invasive exercises that over time retrain and strengthen neck, facial and mouth muscles so that they coordinate effectively to correct the disorder.

The four goals of orofacial myology

Nasal breathing

Lip seal

Tongue position

Swallow pattern

Orofacial myologists only

Meet Tom and Elle

I’ve created a series of videos for orofacial myologists to support their patients complete their exercises in a fun way with Tom and Elle. 

Simply fill in the form below and we’ll send you to a page that gives you more information about the program. 

With over 40 videos across three courses, Tom and Elle has helped patients achieve their orofacial myology outcomes in a fun way.