My Myo Matters

What you'll get

  • Over 30 videos across three different programs


  • Have control over which course you place your patient


  • Help patients practise independently in easy to follow 2 to 3-minute activities


  • Pre-built courses designed by an orofacial myologist to tackle common orofacial disorders

  • Help your patients achieve lasting results 

  • Annual subscriptions – an upfront 20% discount or 12 easy monthly payments

Let Tom and Elle lead your patients through over 30 exercises to strengthen face and neck muscles and improve posture.

Stick Swallow

Follow Tom and Elle out into the garden as they observe a bird building a nest and learn more about swallowing.

Every time the bird picks up a stick, your patient will follow the cues of the bird to develop a better swallow motion.

Skinny Tongue

In this lesson follow Tom and Elle out to the garden to learn about better tongue shape and posture.

By repeating this exercise for two minutes, two times per day as part of one of our programs, your patients will be on their way to greater tongue muscle control.

Button Battles

Tom and Elle are playing a game of tug a war and along the way they learn how to practise better lip strength.


Whenever they see an animal, they simply grab the string and button and complete the exercises.