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Alicia Briffa (Bachelor of Oral Health)

University of Newcastle

Alicia started her dental career in 1999 and in 2010 graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Oral Health. Her journey to orofacial myologist began as a dental hygienist.


“In my two decades working as a dental hygienist, I saw so many patients suffering from various orofacial myofunctional disorders such as teeth clenching and grinding, jaw pain, headaches, thumb sucking and sleep issues,” she says.


“That is when I decided to find a natural and holistic solution to their problems.”


The search led her to training as an orofacial myologist, a Buteyko breathing practitioner and more recently, she was awarded a  Graduate Diploma in Dental Sleep Medicine. 


Alicia’s experience convinced her that orofacial myology would have a positive influence on the growth and development of children’s teeth at an early age.


“Orofacial Myology helps children, teens and adults by treating not just the symptoms but also the cause. By collaborating with patients, parents and other healthcare professionals, we can really work together to get the best possible outcomes for our patients,” she says.


Orofacial myology is a personalised, relaxing and fun treatment to eliminate poor habits and establish better breathing and posture techniques. Alicia also incorporates some Buteyko breathing into the sessions.


Alicia puts down her success to the multi-disciplinary approach working with dentists, orthodontists, osteopaths, ENTs, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, naturopaths and other allied health professionals.


“I feel that OMD’s after often better treated from a multidisciplinary approach to achieve better patient outcomes,” she says.


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