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Buteyko breathing

Buteyko breathing

Buteyko breathing is a technique that can help breathing disorders and reduce unnecessary coughing, clearing of the nose and managing the symptoms associated with a range of conditions including asthma, snoring, congestion and fatigue. 



It also helps to manage lifestyle factors such as reducing stress, environmental factors and breaking unhelpful habits.

What conditions can benefit from Buteyko Breathing?

Why breathe better using the Buteyko Breathing Technique?

Breathing dysfunction impacts our overall health, potentially lowering the quality and length of our lives. Failure to breathe correctly results in reduced blood circulation and oxygen delivery, airway narrowing, poor sleep, nasal congestion, decreased energy and an increase in anxiety and stress.

What does this treatment involve? 

Better breathing requires commitment! 

Buteyko Breathing requires a minimum six-week commitment of 15-20 minutes three times per day and more for those who want to reduce the symptoms of more complex or severe problems. 

These simple, relaxing and calming breathing exercises are designed to set you up for the long term.

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