My Myo Matters


Did you know that humans swallow hundreds of times per day? 

Like breathing, we do it without thinking, but a correct chew and swallow motion is vital to the long-term health of our teeth, gums and tongue.

Why do I need to swallow correctly?

When our tongue thrusts forward habitually and repetitively, this can eventually lead to different types of over bite where the front teeth do not close together with the bottom. This condition can also result from thumb sucking, extended dummy use or lip sucking. 


The other main problem with an incorrect swallowing pattern is taking on more air when you eat or swallow saliva. This can result in little pockets of air that can cause problems in the stomach and digestive system.

What is the correct swallow motion?

When you swallow, the tip of your tongue should press against the roof of your mouth slightly behind your front teeth. The back teeth should touch as the back of the tongue pushes downward as you swallow.

How can OMT help with swallowing?

Swallowing exercises are one of the most effective ways to treat tongue thrusts and get you eating and speaking with the correct tongue swallow pattern.