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Tongue tie

If the connective tissue that joins your tongue to the floor of your mouth is restricted, this is called a tongue tie or ankyloglossia

Why is it a problem?

The tongue is the natural expander for the roof of the mouth and palate. If the tongue can’t reach the palate, it results in a narrow or V-shaped palate instead of a wide U-shaped palate. This contributes to crowding of the teeth, higher rates of decay and breathing issues.

How do I know there is a tongue tie?

  • Infants: difficulty bottle or breast feeding, colic, reflux, pain when nursing, difficulty introducing solids and ear infections; 
  • Children: delayed development of speech, clenching and grinding, jaw pain, headaches, gagging or choking on foods, messy or noisy eating, ear infections and gag reflex; 
  • Adults: speech issues, jaw pain, clenching and grinding, head/neck/shoulder tension, chronic headaches/migraines, OSA (Obstruct Sleep Apnoea), snoring, narrow jaws, orthodontic relapse (teeth move after orthodontic treatment), dental health issues such as decay and periodontal disease.

How can OMT help?

OMT complements the pre- and post-surgical procedures for a more comfortable recovery.